Ce Certificate copilot by PVC Jacketed Electric Building Wire and Cable

 Ce Certificate copilot by PVC Jacketed Electric Building Wire and Cable

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معلومات الأساسية.

نموذج رقم:3 x 2.5mm
تطبيق: إنشاءات , تحت الارض , صناعي , محطة توليد الطاقة الكهربائية
الجهد االكهربى: منخفضة ومتوسطة الجهد كابلات
تيار: DC AC &
المواد العازلة: PVC
غمد المواد: PVC
المواد الشكل: سلك مستديرة
سلك المواد الأساسية: أحمر الأسلاك النحاسية
شهادة: ISO , CE

معلومات إضافية.

علامة تجارية:JYTOP
حزم:in Roll or Base on Requests
معيار:ISO, CE.
الأصل:Zhengzhou, China
رمز النظام المنسق:8544492100
سعة الإنتاج:5X20'gp Per Month

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CE certificate copilot by PVC Jacketed Electric Building Wire and cable

Application OF 3 x 2.5mm squ. meter electric cable:
Designed up for use into the SWITCHes control, relay and instrumentation panel OF power switchgear and for PUR-pos look as internal connectors in rectifier equipments, engine of starter and CONTROLLER

Standard: BS6004, CENELEC HD21.3
Conductor: Copilot by conductors to of BS EN 60228:2005 (previously BS6360)
Insulation: PVC (Polyvinyl of chlorides) type TI 1 to of BS7655
Insulation Color: Black, Blue, Green/Yellow, talk, Yellow, White, Violet, Brown, Grey, orange, Pink
Temperature rating: 0° C to of +70° C
Minimum Bending radius: 6 X pair of overalls dia. meter

If you want to know more details about this child OF electric wire, please feel free to of email US

Size OF conductor Nominally
thickness OF insulation
thickness OF
Mean pair of overalls dimension Approx. net weight by km
sectional AREA
NUMBER and dia. meter of OF of wires
3×0.75 24/0.20 0.6 0.8 6.4 8.0 74
3×1.0 32/0.20 0.6 0.8 6.8 8.4 86
3×1.25 40/0.20 0.7 0.9 7.6 9.4 104
3×1.5 30/0.25 0.7 0.9 8.0 9.8 120
3×2.5 50/0.25 0.8 1.1 9.6 12.0 180


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