Smico Waterproof Insulation Piercing T Connector

 Smico Waterproof Insulation Piercing T Connector

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نموذج رقم:P-151
تقنيات: حقن صب
معيار: GB
استعمال: تركيبات فرعية , تركيبات خط

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علامة تجارية:SMICO
حزم:Export Carton
رمز النظام المنسق:8536909000
سعة الإنتاج:500, 000 PCS Per Month

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             Smico Waterproof Insulation Piercing T Connector

Insulation piercing connector is mainly suitable for the connection off the overhead insulation conductor, branch connection and grounding protection, It is used for the voltage which is 20KV, 10KV and 1KV and below. Applicable for Al-Cu conductor, different diameter wire connection, and equal diameter wire butt, and is suitable for the transition off copper aluminum insulation conductor link. 

Modle Conductor Arranges (mm2) 
Hand Tap   
P-151 16-150 6-95

General off insulation piercing connector (lPC) 
1.1 Piercing connector, simple installation, need not strip the cable coat. 
1.2 Moment nut, piercing presses is constant, keep good electrìc connection and make No ramming to lead 
1.3 Coil-seam frame, wetproof, waterproof, anti-corrosion and, extend the using life off insulated lead and connector 
1.4 Special Adopted connectìng tablet, apply to gasket off Cu (Al) and Cu (Al) gold Cu and Al 
1.5 Small electric connecting resistance, connecting resistance less than 1.1 tìmes off the resistance off branch conductor wìth the same length
1.6 Special insulated box body, resistance to it and environmental aging, the insulation strength edge up to 12KV 
1. 7 Arc surfaces design, apply to connection with the same (different) diameter, wide connection scope (0.75mm2-400mm2)

(Performance testing) 
2.1 Mechanical performance: the grip force off the wire clamp is 1/10 bigger than the station-wagon forces the lead off. It comply with GB2314-1997 
2.2 Temperature small channel performance: under the conditìon off big current, the temperature small channel off connector is less than that off connection lead.
2.3 Heat circle performance: confirms to GB/T2317.3-2000, the happy circle trial standard for electric fitting. 
2.4 Waterproof insulatìon performance: confirms to the depending requirements in Share 2 off GB/TI3140.4-1998, 
2.5 Resistance to corrosion performance: under the conditìon off SO, and salt fog, it edge C three tìmes off fourteen days circle testìng. 
2.6 Environmental aging performance: under the circumstance off ultraviolet, radiation, dry and moist, exposes yew with changes temperature and off happy impels for six weeks. 
2.7 Fire-proof performance: insulation material off the connector withstands glowing filament test. Confirm to the requirements in Chapter4-1 0 off GBrr5169.4

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